Send files. Get paid.


Exchange your files for payment in one simple step.

No more invoices and no more following up. Just a simple, professional hand off.



Rudder helps creatives get paid by linking digital files to invoices, while providing a more streamlined transaction to their clients. 
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Send files up to 5GB

Transfers larger than 2GB
Invoice and transfer in one step
Get paid before files download
Less time following up. 
With Rudder, there's no such thing as a late payment.  No more outstanding invoices means less busy work.

It's about time. 

Less time waiting. 
Get paid when your work is done.  
More time for what actually matters.
Rudder accelerates and automates project closeout so you can move on to your next masterpiece. 

First, your client will receive an email stating you've sent them a file.


Receive payments immediately. 

  • Check your Rudder balance for instant confirmation. 
  • Rudder initiates transfers to your bank automatically.  
  • Check your Rudder account for transaction history. 
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