Put a price tag on your files 

Clients pay faster with Rudder

Rudder requires invoice payment before delivering your files, which means more money in your pocket, faster.  

Files just got smarter

Send files that know if they've been paid for and what project they belong to.  

Free file sharing

Send up to 5GB of files at a time to your clients for free.

1% + 0.99¢

Fast, easy invoicing

Create invoices in seconds, just fill in the blanks.

Friendly pricing

Pay only once you've been paid! Rudder charges just 1% + $0.99 per completed invoice payment.  

Accept credit cards without fees

Never pay more than our flat 1% + 0.99¢ per transaction fee, even if your client pays with a credit card. 

Less following up.

With Rudder, there’s no such thing as a late payment. No more outstanding invoices means less busy work.

It's about time. 

Less waiting.

Clients pay faster with Rudder and enjoy a more streamlined experience.  It's a win-win. 

It's about time. 

More creating.

Rudder’s dashboard-style experience helps users stay organized, so you can focus on what matters. 

What people are saying.
Christopher Risch

Rudder is mutually beneficial to me and my clients. Everyone appreciates a transparent transaction with no gimmicks.

Parker Gunn
Freelancer's Client

Rudder was very intuitive.  Once I paid, I immediately received an email with my files.  I felt safe paying through Rudder.

Nate Schultz
Graphic Designer

Rudder is a game changer! In order to receive my design, my client completes my payment. I highly recommend Rudder for freelancers working remotely!

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