Frequently asked questions

What fees does Rudder charge?

Service Fee Rudder charges 1% + $0.99 per transaction to the recipient of the payment. If you invoice $100, you will receive $98.01. Other Fees When paying with a credit card, the person making the payment will be charged a 2.9% credit card fee. To avoid this fee, one may complete the payment using our secure ACH method, which has no associated fees.

Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

Not at all. Creating an account will always be free. You can Sign Up Here in under a minute to get access to your free account. You won't have to connect any payment information until you are ready to send a transaction.

What forms of payment does Rudder accept?

When you send an invoice using Rudder, the recipient willl have the option to pay by credit card or ACH. We provide the recipient of the invoice both options, and the associated fees. Credit Card All credit card payments will include a 2.9% credit card fee, which will be added to the total invoice amount. We accept all major credit cards. ACH Bank transfers (ACH) do not have any additional fees. We partner with Plaid to offer secure online banking connections that allow your clients to log directly into their bank, and choose an account to pay with.

How long are my files hosted?

Files expire 30 days after payment is made. The client will have 30 days to download their files from Rudder. after completing the invoice. Within the 30 day window, downloads may be accessed at any time from the "Transactions" window of your account. Don't have an account? Sign up here!

Does Rudder send receipts automatically to my client?

Yes. After a successful payment, we send the client an email with the file download link, as well as a receipt.

Is Rudder secure?

Yes. We take security very seriously at Rudder. We never directly access any of your financial information; it all remains encrypted through bank level security provided by Stripe, the leading payments platform in the world. You can learn more about Stripe security here.

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